in the middle
of everywhere.

daOMA is about design in all forms and the education and community that perpetuate it. This is accomplished by fostering a continuing and challenging public discourse on the design disciplines and their relationship to our cities, workplace, home and culture.

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daOMA has established a world class lecture series that has brought many of the world’s best architects and designers to the city of Omaha and the state of Nebraska for the first time.

Omaha, NE
The Anthropologic Classification of the Nebraska Creative Class

Each of these classes in and of themselves is strong, but it is their symbiosis that creates the fertile environment that positions the state and community to experience a renaissance of significance in the coming decade. The cooperative nature of a two-way support system that has been created and nurtured continues to grow allowing for a greater draw and retention of these types in our community and state.

Stalwart Native

The native Nebraskan that has maintained a steadfast commitment to their community translating their work/art through a strict interpretation of native influences around them.

Pioneer Traditionalist

In the classic sense of pioneer families that sent their sons and daughters to the coasts to learn and experience the world, but with the full intention of returning and making a contribution to their native home.


Born, raised and influenced by Nebraska these outstanding talents have left to represent. Flexible but strong roots allow them to travel the world, but as far as they roam the world around us they maintain a connection to the state and their communities serving as cultural ambassadors, but also as conduits of the influence that allow us to keep pace and reduce the traditional lag from coast to plains.


Something or someone convinced these talents to travel to the middle of the country. Here they found a new home and opportunity. What might have began as a 3 year experimental stay has turned into a decade(s) of contribution and service.

Middle of Everywhere