daOMA is an open forum for everyone non-professionals and professionals alike. Rooted in the intellectual and social foundations of design culture, daOMA’s primary mission is to expand and grow design appreciation and awareness. Central to this mission is the organizations core programs of public lectures and presentations featuring local, regional, and world renowned designers, critics, historians and patrons. Members are granted free admission to this lecture series and other daOMA events.

Current Members

Thanks to our current members for listed below for the ongoing support of daOMA:


AIA Omaha
Julie Adams
Justin Allen
Jill Anderson
Lori Anderson
Arch Foundation of Nebraska
Ellie Archer
Baird Holm LLP
Barnhart Press
Bill R. Bingham
Layla Birks
Bluestone Development
Myriel Boes
William Borner
Boulevard Gardens, LLC
Roxanne Brandt
Bryce Bridges
Kristen Bruner
Doris Buell
Eddith Buis
Bridget Bumgardner
Lee Butkiewicz
BVH Architects
Ashley Byars
Monica Byrne
Bruce Carpenter
Andrew Coleman
Janey Dann
Drew and Elisa Davies
Jeff Day
Francis DePriest
Bill DeRoin
Amy Dishman
DLR Group
Jeff Dolezal
Roger DuRand
Elizabeth Epsen
Chris Ertl
Cheryl Farnum
Adrian and Kim Ferguson
Terry and Catherine Ferguson
Will Fields
Ellen Fitzsimmons
Michael Foley
Drew Fossum
Betsy Gabb
Carol Gendler
Armand Gibbons
Steven Ginn
Susan Goll
Evan M. Gunn
Bart Haney
Bea Haney
Joseph Harwood
HDR Architecture
Cory Hess
Mark Hoistad
Michael Huffstetler
Heather Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Joslyn Art Museum
Jason Kaseforth
Brian Kelly
Justin and Katie Kemerling
Richard Klaas
Lance Koenig
Christopher Kollars
Benjamin Kroll
Skyler Kruse-Asmussen
Neil Legband
David Lempke
Leo A Daly
Jessi Long
Mary Lundholm
Magnolia Hotels
Amy Mather
Lisa McCoid
Hesse McGraw
Carrie McKenzie
Jim and Aneetha McLellan
Metro Community College
Metro Magazine – Andy Hoig
Kayla Meyer
Dianne Misiunas
Mark Muller
SA Nellson
Kris and Leach, James Nelson
Rebecca Newman
Richard Nielsen
nocturnal: design Lab
Amber Nubert-Preston
Greg Obrzut
Stephanie O’Keefe
Oxide Design Co.
Fred Perez
Tom and Kate Prinz
Cella Quinn
Nicholas Rebeck
Susan Scherl
Schroer and Associates, PC
Abby Scott
Richard Serpan
Susie Severson
Allison Seyler
Kimberly Shafer
Cynthia Shuck
Jenni Shukert
Todd and Betiana Simon
Jill Slupe
Susie Smoler
Connie Spellman
Martin Sporven
Robert Stargel
Matt and Katrina Stoffel
The Reader
Susan Thomas
Alan S. Tipp
Sarah Tracey
Beverly Traub
Kathy Trenolone
Tom and Amy Trenolone
Erin Trofholz
Anne Trumble
UNL College of Architecture
Nathan Van Zuidam
Peter Vonk
Judd Wagner
Mary Wampler
Zach and Sabrina Weiss
Doug Wignall
Mike Williams
Michaella Wittmann
Rachel Ziegler
Larry Zier
Eric Zuerlein